“Why can’t a woman be more like a man?”  This is the whine of Henry Higgins, as well as many travel sites.  If only women would dress like men, bring less shoes, and abandon their makeup.  Then they could travel lightly!  Well, women are not men.  We want our shoes, and yes, it is possible to travel lightly with makeup.  Lady Light Travel wants women to know that they can travel with a single carry on bag and still keep their femininity.

Lady Light learned the art of one bag travel from the best of one bag travel sites –  Onebag.com.  She took off on a solo journey through Greece and the Balkans, learning quickly about the burdens of a heavy bag when the temperature is 45 degrees C.  Future one bag trips followed – relief trips to African refugee camps, history trips to Europe, and even a caving trip to Hawaii.  Each trip taught Lady Light some of the finer points of one bagging – how to stay warm while wearing a dress, how to bring those lotions, and how to deal with the shoe issue.  She created this blog to share her techniques with friends and family, hoping that some day they too will see the “light”.