Reuse and Reblog Policy

The strength of the internet is all about links. It creates a knowledge database that is larger than any one part.  That said, it takes a lot of effort to write an article.  Authors need proper credit for their hard work.

How to reuse my work

I’m thrilled that you’d like to reuse my work!  If you are a non-commercial site then you have permission to reuse/reblog any article if you include the following components:

I also want to make sure that people know that it is my work. Under the rules of fair use, you may only copy a small part of my blog post in your article.  You may use excerpts of it for commentary, and even as a lead in for the rest of your blog article.  This includes images.  You may not make it appear as though you wrote my article (because you didn’t).

What happens if I catch you reusing my work without attribution

Copyright and plagiarism are serious issues.  I’ll take the following actions if it happens:

  • If the site is a non-commercial (non revenue generating) site I will assume that the author is clueless about copyright and plagiarism.  If the site has any ads I have less tolerance.  In both cases I will take a screen shot of your web site and email you.
  • If you get nasty when I write you about it I’ll assume that what you did was intentional.  I will now monitor your web site for further infringement.  You don’t get a vote on this.
  • If there is a second incident then I will take a screen shot and email you again.  I will continue monitoring your web site for further infringement.  You don’t get a vote on this.  No, this is not “cyber-stalking” as one infringer put it.
  • Continued violations will result in a DMCA takedown with no notice from me.  I will also contact your sponsors with screen shots of all past infringement.  Theft is a serious thing.  You had your chance to fix it earlier.

In the end, it is all about attribution.  All great writers attribute their source.

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