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My rules for comments on this site:

  • Comments should be about the article and carry discussion forward.  I will delete any “Me too” comments and “please visit my site” comments unless they are relevant to the conversation.
  • I love a good argument.  That said, I will not tolerate personal attacks, labels, or name calling.  Comments should be about the subject matter, not the person (or even their spelling).  I will delete any and all personal attacks.
  • Fact based comments about actions are not personal attacks per se.  “You’re a liar” is a personal attack. “You said that the bill was $10 when it was really $8” is a statement of fact.
  • A half-truth is still a lie.
  • I’ve had problems with one travel web site plagiarizing my posts.  I will delete any comment with a link to that website, even if it is relevant to the conversation.  I will not support content theft.
  • Please do not advertise your products on my web site.
  • I will delete all spam posts as quickly as I find them.

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