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Some of my trips involve multiple days of travel to the final destination. It is no fun flying for 32 hours straight! A few years ago I put together a comfort pack for my trips. The pack was small enough to slip into an airplane seat back pocket. That ensured that it was easily available and I didn’t have to go into contortions to get to it. I put the contents into in a bright red bag so I wouldn’t leave it behind. I’m a bit scatter brained as it is, and jet lag makes it worse.

My travel survival kit

The bag contains everything I need for a long journey:

  • Slipper socks in a separate zip lock to contain any stink
  • Pen for filling out customs forms
  • Kwickpoint translator card for language barriers
  • Simply sleep Benadryl in a blister pack so I can adjust to a new time zone.  I already have this packed for my allergies and they work better than any sleeping pill.  Why carry two different pills?
  • Immodium in a blister pack, because there is nothing worse than diarrhea on a trans-Atlantic flight
  • Analgesics such as Head On, Advil and Tylenol – I have a couple of herniated discs in my back and this keeps the muscles from going in to spasms (too much).
  • Chewable Zicam  Zicam crystals to keep any potential colds in check. This is superior to the chewable versions and the tablet versions.  They dissolve quickly in the mouth and are not susceptible to crushing.
  • Inflatable pillow
  • Pre-moistened wipes for those wonderful sponge baths in the bathroom stall.
  • Mini-pads because travel throws everything off.
  • Travel tissue can also be used as toilet paper in a pinch
  • Sleeping mask
  • Ear plugs
  • Lip balm
  • WispsI’m not totally sold on this. It’s kind of wasteful.  I decided to stick with the toothbrush in my toilet kit instead of Wisps.

Is there anything you would put in a travel pack?