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I’ve been unhappy with my old sink stopper for a while.  It was too stiff and large to fit in some of the smaller rounded sinks.  I always had leakage when I did my sink laundry.  Well, I had leakage when I wasn’t trying to keep the sink stopper from floating to the top of the water.  What good is that?  You can bet I was looking around for a smaller, better replacement.

crusetWhen I saw this small silicone pad from La Creuset I knew I had my perfect replacement sink stopper.  Technically, it is labeled as a  hot pad/pot holder pair.  The manufacturer says that it also can be used as a jar opener or coaster.  It does these jobs well.  I saw something small enough and flexible enough to create a great seal in the sink for laundry.  It does that job very well too – I put one of these in the sink and let the water stand for a good 15 minutes.  There was no leakage.  The silicone makes a stickier seal than plastic would.

I’m always on the lookout for any piece of gear that does double duty.  In addition to laundry, I can place this under a cup and use an immersion heater to boil water.  Or I can use the tool to open jars when I decide to picnic.  It easily fits into the back pocket of my toiletry kit.

One of these pads is 4 inches in diameter and weighs less than an ounce.  The cost is $6 US for a pair.

La Creuset Mini Cool Tool