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Trip Duration – 6 days

Activities – funeral, being with relatives, bridal shower

Challenges – Grab and run.  This was a surprise trip after I received the dreaded early morning phone call.  My 86 year old uncle keeled over after a hearty breakfast.  He led a great life, and I’m glad that his passing was quick. Other trip challenges were tornado weather (hot/cold), a pre-existing bridal shower for another family member, and being out in the countryside.

Mitigating the challenge –  Since this was an emergency flight, I wanted to make sure that nothing delayed me.  I kept my carry on bag small and soft so it wouldn’t be a target for an involuntary gate check.  I always keep my toilet kit, 3-1-1 bag, and carry on bag “pre-packed“, so all I had to do was add clothes and shoes.  Some of my capsule clothes were dirty – I packed them anyway and washed them when I got to my cousin’s house.  I used a black/cream jersey dress and a black tank/skirt combination for the viewing/funeral.  A black shawl sweater mitigated temperature.  I chose low wedge dress shoes because I knew I would be standing for long periods of time.  I also knew that we would be going out to the cemetery, so pumps would be a liability.

Weather was variable, so I made sure I had lots of layers.  I chose convertible pants that rolled up into capris as well as mesh mary jane walking shoes.  The pants could be rolled up or down depending on temperature.  The mesh mary janes could be worn alone or with socks.

NOAA Storm Prediction CenterI looked at the NOAA storm prediction center to see the severe weather forecast.  I selected my flight connections to avoid tornado delays.

Inspiration for Capsule wardrobe – My drape neck sleeveless tank (brown, grey, olive, bright green, cream, gold, black)

The Colors

Neutral main colors

    • Olive
    • Black

Accent colors

    • Brown
    • Bright Green

Metallic Accent

    • Burnished Gold

The Capsule Wardrobe List


    • black drape neck tank
    • brown, grey, olive, bright green, gold, black drape neck tank
    • brown V-neck 3/4 sleeve T-shirt
    • Black l/s T-zip base layer (to sleep in)


    • Bright Green 3/4 sleeve V-neck pullover (light weight)
    • Black l/s shawl cardigan
    • Cream lightweight fleece jacket


    • Black skirt
    • Dark wash trouser cut blue jeans
    • Olive green pants that roll up into capris
    • Black boot cut soft ski pants (to sleep in)


    • Black/cream jersey dress


    • Bright Green Pashmina
    • Black, cream, tan, brown oblong scarf
    • Faux pearl necklace
    • Faux pearl earrings
    • Faux Pearl bracelet
    • Gold bracelet
    • Gold necklace
    • Gold earrings
    • Black shoulder bag / clutch
    • Brown cross body purse
    • Black Medium width stretch belt


    • 4 pairs underwear
    • 2 bras
    • 3 pairs light weight black wool socks
    • scoop neck 3/4 sleeve silk undershirt
    • nude sheer stockings
    • black patterned tights


    • Dress low wedge heels
    • mesh Mary Janes


    • Black windbreaker / rain jacket
    • Gloves

Worn on the Plane

I wore clothing from the list above.  The general rule of travel is to wear your heaviest and bulkiest clothes on the plane.  My choices were:

    • Blue Jeans
    • Black drape neck tank
    • Black shawl cardigan
    • Pashmina
    • Undies & socks
    • Mary Janes
    • Jacket
    • Brown cross body purse (which had my travel comfort pack)


Everything worked fairly well.  I never wore my green sweater.  I think a green cardigan would have been a better choice as it would have allowed for greater temperature variation.  I only wore my blue jeans traveling, so I should have left them at home and just worn the olive pants in transit.  The olive pants, mary janes, drape neck tank and sweater worked well for the memorial stone skipping contest down at the river.   The same olive pants with the multicolored tank and sweater went with my dress shoes for the bridal shower.

Ironically, my second flight was delayed by a gustnado at my connecting airport.  I’m so glad I was carry on only – checking a bag would have made a late arrival even later!