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Here is my women’s carry on packing list for a summer trip. This list includes everything that I bring. It is based on my travel capsule wardrobe so I can deal with anything from a heat wave to a cold snap. A closer look will show some sneaky weight saving techniques going on in this list:

  • Use of solids in the toiletries
  • Use of blister packs for medicine – the drug type is stamped on the back of the blister pack. It is smaller and lighter than any bottle
  • Heavy reliance on USB electronics
  • Mini-mini sewing kit
  • Mini first aid kit

With the exception of clothing, the list below remains fairly constant. I check the contents of my bag after every trip and repack it then, making it ready for the next trip. A pre-packed bag makes getting ready for my next trip incredibly easy.


Rain Trench Coat
Fleece jacket (or blazer)
2 short-sleeved tops
Scoop or V-neck 3/4 sleeve T
Tank top (usually drape neck)
Long sleeve shirt with roll-up sleeves
Dress Pants
Convertible pants (roll up leg converts to capris)
2 sweaters
Knit Dress
Tankini (with a modest top that I can wear as a camisole under a sweater)


1 pair nylons
1 pair leggings (capri)
3 wool socks
3 undies
2 bras
1 camisole top
1 silk scoop neck 3/4 sleeve long john top
1 sleeping T (doubles as a dress)


Low heel dress shoes or strappy sandals
Low cut hiking/walking shoes

Jewelry & Accessories

1 metal necklace (can be doubled)
1 metal ear rings
metal bangles
1 colored ear rings
1 colored bracelet
2 scarves – one large enough to be a pashmina/sarong
1 narrow belt
1 wider belt
Clutch with shoulder strap (holds the first aid kit & jewelry when not in use)
Travel Wallet
Money Belt

Other Gear

Eyeglass case with spare glasses and sunglasses.
Thin cord eyeglass retainer looped through zipper of eyeglass case
Packable Day pack
Key ring with bottle opener, military can opener, mini-rescue whistle, compass
2 Tyvek envelopes filled with:

  • 2 business envelopes
  • 2 garbage bags
  • 2 gallon ziplock
  • 4 quart Ziplocks
  • Spare passport pictures
  • 2 inflatable hangers
  • MSR ultralight large pack towel
  • Light plastic skirt hanger


Smart Phone with USB cable & ear buds
Dual USB charger
PPU Clip USB battery charger
Headlamp with USB battery
Micro USB cord
Adapter plug
Dual voltage curling iron
Camera with cards
Spare battery for camera

Toilet kit

Solid Toiletries:

  • Toothpaste dots
  • Solid shampoo bar
  • Solid conditioner (can also be used for shaving)
  • Small soap bar (I have allergies)
  • Deodorant crystal
  • 2 pill bags of clay masque

Laundry detergent
Janie clay spot remover (for oil based stains)
Thin shower cap
Mini brush
Safety pins
Bobby pins
Hair clip
Sink stopper
Magnifying mirror
Eyeglass repair kit.
Sewing kit (cut-off straw with thread wrapped around it and needles on the inside)
Safety pin with various buttons looped over it
Mini makeup brush set
Eye shadow
MSR mini pack towel (wash cloth)
Cloth exfoliating pad
Braided clothes line

3-1-1 bag

1/2 oz liquid foundation
1 oz moisturizer
1.5 oz hand lotion
Mini-eye drops
Mini-Tide pen
1 contact lens case with concealer on one side and cream blusher on the other
2 oz hair gel

First Aid Kit

Safety pins
Nail clipper
Blister packs of

  • Antihistamine
  • Anti-diarrhea
  • Pepto-Bismol
  • Cold medicine
  • Simply Sleep

Plane survival kit

Inflatable pillow
Slipper footies
Quart ziploc with:

  • Eye mask
  • Ear plugs
  • Pack of tissues
  • Pen
  • Travel size Tylenol
  • Travel size Advil
  • Blistex
  • Chewable Zicam
  • Kwikpoint card
  • Mini-wipes

1 quart platypus bottle wrapped with duct tape and with carabiner clip attachment. Fill with water in the secure area.