I just wanted to alert everyone to a very nice blog post on traveling with just a carry on bag. The author includes several nice details for being successful. She even manages to do it with a smaller rolling carry on!

I usually bundle wrap my clothes instead of just laying them in the bag. I also wouldn’t take 4 pairs of shoes – although ballet flats are a nice light weight way to get in extra shoes.

Well done!

Musings from the Pigeon's Nest

Hi beautiful faces,

Today I am going to show you (by the power of video!) how I have packed for my 2 week holiday in just a carry-on case.

I used to travel all the over the country quite a lot, so I got used to packing light. In fact, when I first stayed with P for the weekend he was shocked at how small my ‘luggage’ was….. I just had one of my biggest shoulder bags stuffed full.

Epic… I know.

So remember Research, Plan Your Outfits, Save Space and Pack Smart.

Top Tips

Make your clothes work hard. Choose pieces that you can repeatedly wear (and wash) with other things so you don’t feel like a cartoon character (wearing the same thing over and over).

Wear your chunky knit & jeans on the plane. You can always take them off when you take off, and put them back…

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