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In my earlier post, I discussed how to layer clothing for warmth while on travel.  Today I am posting some pictorial examples of layering – both for dresses and pants.

The Dress

– A dress and sandal combination is an easy way to stay cool while looking dressed up.
– Add in a sweater when it starts to cool down. Consider switching to ballet flats for a little more warmth.
– Chilly out?  Add in leggings. Layer a shirt under the dress for added warmth.
– The sweater comes back when it gets really cold. Socks and boots are worn to keep the feet warm. A pretty scarf protects the neck from cold drafts.
– Spending the day outside? Add in a long underwear top, camisole, or t-shirt with the layers. Top everything with a windproof/waterproof jacket to hold in the heat


– convertible pants roll up into capris when it gets hot outside. Sandals are dressy and cool at the same time. Use a pretty top and jewelry to keep this look from being too casual.
– For mild temperatures, add on a sweater and roll the pants down.
– Ballet flats replace sandals when it starts to get chilly. Add socks as needed.  Replace the top with a 3/4 or long sleeve shirt.
– Add the sweater over the shirt when it gets cold. Boots and socks are added for the feet, and a scarf for the neck.
– Add in long underwear if you are going to be outside all day. The windproof/waterproof jacket traps heat and keeps the wind from cooling things down.