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The Patagonia R1 Fleece is a great travel jacket. It is currently discounted by $50 US.

I have owned the same Patagonia R1 fleece jacket for over 10 years.  I have dragged the jacket into deep cave expeditions, worn it in cloud forests, stuffed it into packs, dragged it across the savannah, climbed a few mountains, and used it to shovel snow.  The fleece is only now starting to develop some wear spots at the elbows.  This is one tough jacket.  On top of that, it is light, compact, and warm.   The special waffle-weave material traps air to make it warmer than other jackets of the same weight.  It is perfect for layering.  And yes, I have worn the jacket on the streets of Europe too.  It cleans up nicely.

This quality product is expensive ($$$$$).  Fortunately, Patagonia is having a sale of last years models.  Supplies are limited but the savings are significant.  If you are looking for a great fleece, go on over to the Patagonia store to see if they have your size or color.