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Your spare buttons are always available if you sew them to the hem of your garments.Have you ever lost a button while on travel?  I’ve had that happen and I can guarantee two things:

  1. Even through I’ve brought spare buttons with me on the trip, none of them really match the one that was lost.
  2. It will take me hours and trips to multiple fabric stores to find a button that does not quite match the button that was lost.  This leaves me with either replacing all the buttons, or having one button that is slightly off from the rest.

I noticed that many of my outdoor technical garments had a spare button sewn on to the hem, right on the seam.  This was an “Aha!” moment for me.  Instead of storing the spare buttons in a button box, I now sew them to the garment where they may always be found.  That means that the spare button is available on travel.  I do my sewing when I take the sales tags off the garment.  That ensures that the button is actually attached to the garment when I wear it.  I’ve found that the button doesn’t poke me if I place it on the  lower side seam of the garment.  It’s nice insurance for 3 minutes worth of work.  Think about doing this the next time you buy a garment with spare buttons.