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Many women’s travel sites recommend taking different types of bras for travel. One fashion site suggested taking three kinds of bras; a convertible bra, a T-shirt bra, and a sports bra. That’s a lot of bras! It’s also a lot of bulk and weight, especially if you are packing multiple bras of each kind. Do you really need all those bras?  I say no!

The best bra for travel

You really don’t need a convertible bra unless you have a special occasion that requires strapless or backless bras. That occasion rarely arises on most trips.  In fact, choosing full coverage clothing is usually a better choice for your travel capsule wardrobe.  Full coverage will give you more styling options. You can go into churches, don’t have to worry about sunburn, and have better thermal protection (hot or cold).  If you wish to take racer or cross back clothing then you can use a bra converter clip instead of a separate convertible bra.  In short, there is rarely a need to take a special bra on your travels. If you do take this bra, please only take one!

If we leave the convertible bra at home then we are left with the sports bra and the T-shirt bra.  Do you have to bring both?  I’ve actually found a solution for that problem.  Several manufacturers have created combination bras that work for both athletic and regular activities.  Clothing manufacturer Title Nine calls these bras “Work to Workout Bras”. Other manufacturers refer to these bras as hybrid sports bras.

Title Nine work to workout bra

This “Cuz she says so” work to workout bra from Title Nine has the support needed for medium and high impact athletic activities. It also has the separation and coverage needed to wear the bra under regular street clothing.

So what is a combination bra? According to Title Nine, it is a sports bra that easily transitions from work to workout. It has the support needed for a sports bra but looks like a regular bra. It usually has the following features:

  • It is moisture wicking and quick drying
  • It has underwire support for larger cups
  • It has a wider shoulder strap to spread the load
  • It has a wider back strap to hold everything in place
  • It has separate cups so that it looks like a regular bra
  • It has a deep cut so you can wear it with V-neck tops
  • It has a double liner over the nipple so you don’t have anything showing.

In short, it is a regular bra with superpowers!

I own the Cuz She Says So bra.  I’m a DD cup, so need my support. I have found that this bra is very comfortable, even with an underwire support system.  Ironically, I have found that the bra straps are narrower than some of the regular bras that I’ve seen in the lingerie department. The bra provides good support for running.  It looks the same as a regular bra under my clothes.  In fact, it is so comfortable that I abandoned my other bras!

The combination bras have several features that are great for travel.  First off, they are made out of wicking material and are quick drying.  That’s nice for hot muggy days.  Second, they pack flat, which is less bulk in your luggage.  Thirdly, and most importantly, you can take less bras – one bra does it all!

There are, of course, some negatives.  The combination bra is heavier than a regular bra.  My regular underwire bra weighs 2 oz (57g) but my combination bra weighs 3.3 oz (93 g). That means that a combination bra weighs 1-1/2 times what a regular bra weighs.  That still weighs less than a regular bra and a sports bra combined. Another problem is that many of these bras have a utilitarian look to them.  They are about performance, not pretty.  A few of the bras have lace edging, but not many.

I usually pack two combination bras for my trip – one to wear and one for when I wash.  I sometimes pack a third bra to wear under my rash guard and swim tights.  I find that I really don’t need the third bra as I can wash it after I go swimming.  With that said, I like to have the extra bra for when I get lazy and don’t want to do laundry. One thing that I really like is that I am always wearing the “right” bra for any activity.  And it is comfortable too!

Think about taking a combination bra for your next trip. I think you’ll like it!  Some suggested manufacturers are listed below.