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Washing clothes while traveling is one of the Five Key Principles of Light Travel.  Lani Teshima has written a nice post about Laundry and Travel over on her Travelite FAQ.  She includes the critical step of using a towel to wring out the excess water.  I like to add in one extra step.  I squeeze more water out of my clothing by folding the towel in half and either pressing it between my knees or placing the folded towel on the edge of the bathtub and kneeling on it.

After I take the clothes out of the towel I like to “hand iron” them.  I will place the article of clothing against a smooth surface such as a table or a door.  I will then take the flat of my hand and smooth out as many wrinkles as possible.  As the threads within the fabric dry they will pull taut, significantly reducing the size and number of wrinkles.  Using a flex-o-line clothes line, inflatable hangers, and skirt hangers help reduce drying time.