Kavi360 has a nice post on makeup palettes. An easy way to look pretty!


Next in my series of packing posts I’ll be discussing makeup. Everyone wants to look good when they travel. But who wants to lug around their entire makeup case? Whether you’re going away for a quick weekend trip or an extended RTW journey, the key is to pack smart by taking just a few key essentials. In preparing for my own travels, I was pleasantly surprised to find a wide range of makeup palettes. Full-sized eye shadows or blushes can take up valuable space; these slimmed down versions will easily fit in your bag, while giving you all the glitz and glamour you need!

  1. Lovely in London Travel Makeup Palette
    Stila$16 $5.00 on sale!
    The first set of makeup palettes are, very appropriately, travel themed! Each of these palettes features 4 eyeshadows and a convertible lip and cheek color, inspired by a fun travel destination. In addition…

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