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I just returned from a chilly, snowy Midwest.  Everything easily fit in my carry-on, including my purse. I even had room for Christmas presents on the return trip! Here is what I packed:

Activities:  Baking Christmas cookies and preparing meals, visiting on various farms, spending time with family, playing with babies, and a trip to church for Christmas service. This was a very casual trip.

My colors:  My theme was brown and red, because red is the color of Christmas. The reds all went together although they don’t look like it in the picture.

My Clothing:


    • Red lace dress


    • White 3/4 s shirt
    • Red/brown/black drape-neck tank
    • White lace edged tank
    • Brown 3/4 s T-shirt
    • Red sweater shell
    • Cream s/s lace top
    • Black T-zip base layer shirt


    • Blue jeans
    • Brown Pants
    • Black exercise pants


    • Red sweater/jacket
    • Brown shawl sweater
    • Cream fleece jacket


    • Brown boots
    • Barefoot runners
    • Faux snake dress shoes


    • Brown cross body bag
    • Gold earrings/bracelet/necklace
    • Red/black/brown scarf
    • Red scarf set
    • Black bicycle gloves
    • Brown tights
    • Nude stockings
    • Winter coat


    • Silk long underwear top
    • Silk long underwear bottom
    • 2 bras
    • 5 panties
    • 5 pairs of socks

My Capsule Combinations:

  • I wore the red sweater, white blouse, scarf, blue jeans, and boots on the plane.
  • The bedrooms in the farm house weren’t heated.  I wore the silk long underwear every night, as well as the exercise pants, T-zip base layer top, AND the fleece.  The combination was just right.
  • I wore the red lace dress, red sweater, and beige stockings for Christmas eve service.  On Christmas day I wore the brown pants, red sweater shell, scarf, and red sweater.

Other combinations I wore:

  • White shirt under brown 3/4 sleeve T-shirt with jeans
  • red/brown/black tank with brown sweater and jeans (and silk top for warmth)
  • red/brown/black tank with cream fleece and jeans.

Things I didn’t wear:

  • lace top
  • white tank
  • brown tights

I wanted to wear the lace top layered over a colored tank top.  I didn’t wear it as there weren’t many dressy occasions.  If we went to church a second time I would wear the dress with the brown sweater, brown tights, and boots.  In all, I wore most of the clothes and was happy to have them.