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Here are the top 10 Lady Light Travel posts for 2012.  My hope is to provide insight into the feminine implementation of one bag travel.  The majority of the top posts are about clothing and makeup, so I do believe I have achieved my goal!  It is interesting to note that the post on planning a capsule wardrobe received 5 times the number of views as the next highest post.  I’m glad to see such interest, as capsule wardrobes are one of the Five Key Principles of Light Travel.

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  1. How to Plan a Travel Capsule Wardrobe for Vacation
  2. Real Life Examples
  3. Womens Carry On Packing List – Summer Edition
  4. Packing Lists
  5. Packing List:  Weekend Wedding – In a Purse!
  6. Thirteen Ways to Wear a Knit Dress
  7. Getting Started
  8. Travel Makeup for Carry On
  9. Power your travel capsule wardrobe with multi-use pieces
  10. Travel Capsule Wardrobes for Fashionistas