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Trip Duration – 2 weeks

Activities – casual family gathering, a wedding, Christmas, Church, skiing, walking in snow

Challenges – I will be staying with the same people over the two week period, so I will be wanting several outfits. I get cold easily, so need lots of layers. I am bringing both ski clothes and dressy clothes. I will be sleeping in old farmhouses with poor heating systems

Mitigating the challenge – Use the same clothes for sleeping as for skiing. compensate for the extra sweaters by taking only one dress. Bring thin tops and sweaters that will be layered over each other for many looks and extra warmth.

Inspiration for Capsule wardrobe – The lovely colors in my pashmina

pashmina print

My pashmina provides inspiration for my capsule wardrobe colors.

My capsule wardrobe has items that are mostly neutral – grey and navy. Some of the tops will be in the accent colors. I will also get color from the scarves and accessories.

The Colors

Neutral main colors

    • Grey
    • Navy

Accent colors

    • Aqua
    • Bright Green
    • French Blue

Metallic Accent

    • Burnished Gold

The Capsule Wardrobe List


    • Aqua 3/4 sleeve button shirt (can be worn open as a jacket)
    • Grey 3/4 sleeve T shirt (can be worn as a pull over sweater over another shirt)
    • Navy ruched Tank top
    • Navy, grey, cream, french blue print 3/4 sleeve T (I’m thinking of leaving this behind)
    • Black tank top
    • Black l/s T-zip base layer


    • Bright Green 3/4 sleeve V-neck pullover (light weight)
    • French Blue l/s v-neck thin merino wool pullover
    • Navy l/s shawl cardigan
    • Cream lightweight fleece jacket


    • Dark wash trouser cut blue jeans
    • Grey dress pants
    • Black boot cut soft ski pants


    • Navy Jersey 3/4 sleeve V-neck Dress


    • Bright Green, Aqua, Navy, Grey Pashmina
    • Silver Grey scarf
    • Navy, Aqua, Bright Green, French blue, & gold oblong scarf
    • Green beaded necklace
    • Green beaded earrings
    • Pearl bracelet
    • Gold bracelet
    • Gold necklace
    • Gold earrings
    • Black shoulder bag / clutch
    • Black Medium width stretch belt
    • Black narrow belt


    • 4 pairs underwear
    • 2 bras
    • 4 pairs light weight black wool socks
    • scoop neck 3/4 sleeve silk undershirt
    • silk long john bottoms
    • black sheer stockings
    • black patterned tights


    • Dress pumps
    • Knee high dress snow boots
    • ultra light barefoot running shoes


    • Black windbreaker / rain jacket
    • Black waterproof nylon rain pants
    • Gloves
    • Hat

Worn on the Plane

I will be wearing clothing from the list above.  The general rule of travel is to wear your heaviest and bulkiest clothes on the plane.  My choices are:

    • Blue Jeans
    • Grey T
    • Navy shawl cardigan
    • Pashmina
    • Undies & socks
    • Snow Boots
    • Jacket


My bag was too heavy.  Here is where I made mistakes:

Too many sweaters – I needed a long sleeve sweater for when I went outside.  But I didn’t wear my blue sweater any other times because it didn’t flatter me.  I should have brought a long sleeve green sweater instead of a 3/4 sleeve sweater.

The workout shoes were really unnecessary – I wore them but really could have worn my boots during those times.

Too many scarves – Although I wore all the scarves, I could have saved weight by bringing less.

Too many shirts – While I wore the aqua shirt, I could have left it at home.  I also didn’t wear the navy/grey print shirt very often.  I didn’t wear the black tank at all.