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When I first learned to travel with one carry on bag, I was often told to use a scarf as an accessory. All the sites said that it was a great way to modify your travel wardrobe. At first I ignored it, as I never wore scarves. Frankly, I had no idea of how to wear them. Then I started to think about it. My aunt was always elegant in a white blouse, a navy skirt, and a lovely scarf. She had class. Maybe, I thought – Maybe I can look classy too. So I started buying scarves here and there. I spent some time learning various knots. And believe it or not – I actually started to receive compliments!

Scarves are great on a cold airplane, or when it gets a little chilly. I have draped one over my head to gain a little privacy on a crowded plane. I have also used one to cut out extra light so I could sleep. I found that they really can change the look of your clothes. Two different scarves make the same top and bottom look like two different outfits. A scarf is much lighter than an extra shirt. I now carry several when I go on a multi-week trip.

One of my favorite websites for scarves is Mai Tai’s Picture Book. Mai Tai clearly loves her many scarves, and can tell you all about them. The sidebar of her blog lists numerous “how to” instructions for more knots than you knew existed. The best example of using scarves in travel was Mai Tai’s trip to New York. Her first post listed her capsule wardrobe – which was great by itself. Her second post stunned me with the amazing variety of outfits that she created with her scarves. What a wonderful argument for using scarves for travel – Mai Oui!